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    Snow, rain, sand one or another

    January 03, 2017

    Sistan va Baluchestan

    Sistan va Baluchestan

    It depends on exactly where you live in Iran, but last week you were likely to have been plagued by snow or floodwaters or sandstorms.

    The snowfall covered 22 of Iran’s 31 provinces.  In some cases, the snow was just colorful, but in areas it was a raging blizzard.  The Fars news agency said some schools were closed in 18 provinces.

    The worst conditions were in Kurdistan


    where two men aged 32 and 47 were killed in an avalanche in Baneh.

    The Rescue and Relief Organization said it rescued people stranded in more than 4,000 cars all over the country.

    The flooding hit in Sistan va Baluchestan province where six entire villages in the path of the floodwaters were evacuated.  About 100 families were involved.  Two people were reported killed.

    Meanwhile, Ahvaz virtually disappeared under a sandstorm that blew over the city, something has become almost routine in the last few years.

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