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    President Ahmadi-nejad says Europe pulling clouds away from Iran

    “You know there is equipment that can move all the water contained in clouds,” the president told a crowd as he inaugurated a new dam. “This is what the Europeans unfortunately did this year.”

    The president didn’t blame the United States for this anti-Iranian action. He named only Europe.

    He explained that clouds, like all weather patterns, circulate around the globe from west to east, so that clouds pass over the Mediterranean before they reach the Middle East. “But they [the Europeans] used their equipment to move the clouds.… They moved most of the clouds. You saw unprecedented rains in the news and how much snow fell there [presumably meaning Europe]. And we had a drought all autumn.”

    Ahmadi-nejad said, “They are doing this in Europe. They are moving clouds so they cannot reach us.… It is true that this is a region they are afraid of due to civilization and culture.”

    He said, “We have to investigate this in legal institutions and not allow this evil work to be carried out.”

    As proof that what he was saying was true, Ahmadi-nejad said that a European politician, whom he did not name, had written an article for a publication he did not name saying there would be a water crisis in the Middle East. Actually, many people have forecast problems in the Middle East because of increasing populations confronting finite supplies of water.

    But Ahmadi-nejad said the person who wrote this article had no scientific expertise in climate or hydrology and so “it became clear to me that the comments the gentleman made were not a scientific forecast, but news of a scheme that is being planned.”

    Ahmadi-nejad was speaking as he inaugurated the Kamal Saleh Dam near Arak in Markazi province.

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