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    quake5Cold weather has descended upon East Azerbaijan and the victims of the August 11 double earthquake. The government promised to have enough temporary housing in place for all of the homeless before the cold arrived, but that promise has not materialized. Many huts have been set up, like the one above at right. But a large portion of the homeless are trying desperately to insulate their tents, like the one above at left. For them, it is the only housing they yet have. It isn’t known how many of the homeless are in huts and how many are still in tents. No one in authority is saying. Meanwhile, a series of aftershocks—including one measured at 5.1—struck the region last Monday, knocking down more structures and injuring 57 more people, but inflicting no more fatalities. Two days after the August 11 quake, the authorities said 306 had been killed. That number has not been updated since then, even though villagers reported bodies unearthed all through the following week.

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