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    Judge says bring that man back

    January 03, 2017

    A federal judge has ordered that an Iranian man deported after President Trump’s executive order be returned to the United States, according to a report in’The Washington Post.

    Ali Khoshbakhti Vayeghan was put on a plane to Dubai before the judge issued the order.

    In a court order Sunday, US District Judge Dolly M. Gee said Vayeghan’s deportation likely violated US law and the Constitution.

    He “demonstrated a strong likelihood of success in establishing that removal violates the Establishment Clause, the Immigration and Nationality Act, and his rights to Equal Protection guaranteed by the United States Constitution,” the order said.

    The order said Vayeghan had a valid United States visa.

    The man had been detained at Los Angeles International Airport, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times. The newspaper said Vayeghan was on a plane to Tehran by the time the judge issued the order.

    Groups like the American Civil Liberties Union have intervened on behalf of some of those detained, including Vayeghan.

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