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    Cyprus arrests man tracking Israelis

    If so, it would add Cyprus to the list of countries where Iran stands accused of planning hits on Israelis this year in retaliation for the murders of three Iranian nuclear scientists in Tehran.  The other countries are Georgia, Azerbaijan, Thailand, India and Kenya.  Only one Israeli has actually been attacked—the wife of the Israeli military attache in India, who is recovering from her injuries.

    The case in Cyprus, however, remains veiled

    Cypriot Justice Minister Loucas Louca said last Sunday that information provided by foreign security services led to the arrest of a foreign national in Cyprus on the suspicion he was helping plot a terrorist attack.

    Louca said “cooperation and information” from foreign agencies had resulted in last week’s arrest. He declined to identify the agencies involved.

    “Let’s leave the case to run its course, allow investigators to finish their job and we’ll see where we’ll conclude,” he told reporters.

    Police said the 24-year-old man remains in custody after his arrest in the coastal town of Limassol, and is being investigated on charges relating to national security and terrorism.

    State CyBC radio has reported the suspect is a Swedish passport holder of Lebanese origin, and that documents and photographs were found in his possession detailing the movements of Israelis on the island.

    Police have not identified the suspect, his role in a possible attack, or any intended target.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explicitly blamed Iran for the alleged plot, but offered no evidence to support his allegations.

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