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    Chewing gum ingredient becomes political issue

    Trident-gumTrident, the American chewing gum, has sparked controversy in Iran after reports that the gum contains sugar alcohol.

    A number of clerics have issued statements on sugar alcohol and Sharia law. Most, but not all, say that because of the low alcohol content and non-intoxicating nature, no harm will come from using Trident.

    Sugar alcohol is used widely in the food industry as thickeners and sweeteners, substituting for table sugar.

    But here’s the bottom line. Iran’s Dental Information Institute announced that sugar alcohol is just a name and the substance does not contain any alcohol whatsoever.

    The unanswered question and unasked is why the Islamic Republic is allowing such an iconic American product as chewing gum into the country at all. Isn’t anyone worried about the American cultural invasion any more?

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