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    Reports say Iran arms trains Taliban big time

    London's Channel 4 News
      and The Sunday Times say
      Iran is giving substantial support to the Taliban in Afghanistan.
     American officials, however, have been saying the opposite.  Gen.…

    Osama s teen daughter allowed to leave Iran

    One of Osama bin Laden's
       teenaged daughters was
       allowed to leave Iran Sunday, after more than eight years detained in Iran.

    EU protests Iran jamming- but won’t do anything about it

    The European Union de-
       manded Monday that the
       Islamic Republic end all state censorship and halt the jamming of radio and TV broadcasts into Iran.  But the policy statement…

    Two Iranian ships saved off Somalia, but not by Iran Navy

    Spanish and Italian war-
      ships last week rescued
      two Iranian commercial vessels attacked by Somali pirates;  the Iranian naval "fleet" touted to be protecting Iranian ships was nowhere to…

    United Kingdom judge lauds Jake for chasing off Iranian rapist

    A rottweiler has won
       praise from a British
       judge-for chasing off an Iranian sex attacker in a park.
     Two-year-old Jake, a former rescue dog, was on his usual…

    Keep your hands off Lorestan Newt

    Although it is the Caspian
       sturgeon that normally
       draws the concerns of conservationists, this week it was the spotted newt from Lorestan province that…

    Wilders party wins big in Dutch municipal election

    Holland's far-right Free-
       dom Party and its con-
       troversial leader Geert Wilders claimed major gains during this month's municipal elections.  If repeated in the upcoming national elections, the Islamophobic leader…

    Eid stamp terror recycled

    Two County Sheriff staff-
      ers in Florida have circu-
      lated an email calling on "patriotic Americans" to protest the U.S. Postal Service "Eid" stamp marking the two major Islamic holidays…