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    Oil and gas capital sought totaling 200 billion doller

    Iran is seeking investments totaling $40 billion a year over the next five years for its crude oil, natural gas and refinery industries, Oil…

    Iran Caracas to drill jointly

    Iran and Venezuela will launch a joint oil company
    with its headquarters based in Spain, according to the Fars news agency.

    Iran seeks to market its eurobonds again

    Iranian banks abroad started
    marketing bonds worth 250
    million euros on March 10, the first installment of a 1

    Majlis shafts president yet again on his subsidy plan

    The Majlis last week once
      again tampered with
      President Ahmadi-nejad's plan for eliminating sanctions, sending the president once again into a fury. 

    Opec just rolls over

    For the sixth quarter in a
      row, the Organization of
      Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) rolled over its quotas last week;  meanwhile, every single member…

    Tow more European firms bidding Islamic Rep adieu

    Royal Dutch Shell and
       Ingersoll-Rand have
       joined the ranks of major corporations announcing the end or reduction of business operations in Iran.

    Unemployment rate up again despite prez pledge

    The Statistics Center of Iran announced last week that the unemployment rate is rising again and is now 11.3 percent.
    Real unemployment is believed to be double or…

    Iran application at WTO moves 1st inch in 14 yrs

    For the first time in almost 14 years, Iran has filed a document with the World Trade Organization (WTO) to try to advance its membership application.
    The WTO…