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    Bomb in Mashhad kills bomber only

    He died on his way to the hospital. Aside from the bomber, no property was damaged or persons injured. So far, the motivation behind the attack has not yet been uncovered.

    Police said they do not yet know the identity of the bomber, which indicates they failed to capture either of the two accomplices approaching the office with him.

    “None of the three had political links,” Shamaqdari told the Fars news agency.  He didn’t explain how he could possibly know that if the police don’t know who the bomber was.

    Shamaqdari insisted the blast resulted from the teenager’s sense of adventure and occurred by the Khorasan Rezavi governor general’s office as a happenstance because the three were familiar with the neighborhood, the Islamic Students News Agency reported.  Again, he didn’t explain how he knew the trio was familiar with the neighborhood if he didn’t know who any of the three men were.

    This incident took place four days after Tehran University Professor Masud Ali-Mohammadi was killed by a remote-controlled bomb.                                     

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