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    UN votes anew for Iran human rights investigator

    by Warren L. Nelson

    March 31, 2011No CommentRead More

    Qadhdhafi was close to Tehran

    WikiLeaks documents show Iran had quite a close relationship with the regime of Muammar Qadhdhafi, which helped the Islamic Republic…

    Qatar could be the big winner

    Through much of the world, the talk is about Iran emerging from the current upheaval in the Arab states much…

    Syria uprising gets a yawn from Tehran

    The Iranian media has no trouble reporting the suppression of anti-government protesters in Bahrain, but, when it comes to Syria,…

    Cyber theft laid at feet of Iran

    A cyber theft that could have given the thief near total access to email was uncovered and foiled last week. …

    Turkey is 7th country to seize illegal Iranian cargo

    The Turkish government has announced that it has seized a cargo from an Iranian aircraft that it ordered to land…

    Next-to-last firm stops jet fuel sales to Iran Air

    The Austrian oil company OMV announced Friday that it has decided to cease selling aviation fuel…

    State video says 2nd coming almost here

    March 31, 2011No CommentRead More

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